Are you on a financial treadmill?

Are you planning on buying a car in the near future? If so, you really need to read up on short term car insurance!

You found your ideal car advertised in the local newspaper, you pop over and take a look at it and like what you see. The owner takes you for a test drive, you are still happy with it and after a few minutes of negotiation you hand over your cash in the vehicle is yours! Now how do you get it home?

The fact is; unless you hold a specialist motor dealers policy you are not insured to drive the vehicle. You could of course leave the car there and, the next day to collect it after you have had time to arrange cover; but who is to guarantee that the car will still be there on your return? No, you want to take it with you so you have three choices; risk driving it without insurance, insure it online for 12 months or take out an instant short term car insurance policy.

The first one is a complete non-starter. The police are always on the lookout for cars which are being driven in by obviously unfamiliar drivers and since the vehicle will almost certainly have no tax disc anyway the risk of being stopped on the way home would be very high indeed and the consequences unthinkable. As far as arranging a 12 month policy is concerned, this is something you will want to spend some time over because you will wish to compare various prices and look carefully at a number of different policies from different insurance companies, something you can hardly do at someone else's home. Finally, however, you can use your seller's computer for 10 min to logon to a short term car insurance company like this one, fill in the details on a very short proposal form and pay online using your credit card. Within 5 min of sitting down at the computer you are insured and legally entitled to drive it away.

Short term car insurance gives you many options. The first option is the length of time that you wish to ensure the vehicle for; it can be as little as a single day for as much as four weeks. The next option is the type of cover; you can choose fully comprehensive or third party only. If you intended to drive it home and then hand it over to a friend, you could include him or her on the policy as well; and if you are concerned about the possibility of breaking down en route you will have the option of including roadside assistance in the policy.

It is hardly surprising that short term car insurance, although a relatively new product, is bought by thousands of people every week; a convenient product like this has so many uses that everyone should be aware of what it is, and what it can do..

Copyright 2009 John Barron, Ipswich England.